Thursday, June 24, 2010

Zenobia is to be classified among happy cities

Italo Calvino is one happy postmodernist. So today, we have not one, but three images of Italo being really, really happy. Here we have just the classic smile.

Later, Italo Calvino becomes a jolly, wacky sitcom neighbbor!

Finally, sometimes Italo's happiness is just plain terrifying. But we love him anyway.


  1. "Hey, Mr. Calvino! How's the world treating you!"
    "Not too well, Billy. It's full of deceit and treachery."
    "Aw, shucks Mr. Calvino. Well, I hope you'll come to my mom's third wedding tonight. Wacky misunderstandings are sure to ensue!"
    "Sigh...perhaps, little Billy. Perhaps."

  2. That was supposed to be "How's the world treating you?"

    I guess I'm just too enthusiastic about being able to post comments. I think it has something to do with being in PEPS.