Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fragile Happy Things

Today, HaPomo salutes a veritable Renaissance man of postmodernism. With a literary oeuvre that encompasses novels, short stories, poems, a band biography, screenplays, TV scripts, songs, liner notes, graphic novels, and more, it has to be Neil Fucking Gaiman.

What's not to love about him? There's his amazingly British voice, which is just a short distance away from being Alan Rickman's voice. There's the fact that he's affianced to Amanda Palmer, and wrote the text to a photobook about her many deaths. There are his other collaborators, who include Terry Pratchett, Kim Newman, Tori Amos, Roger Avary, and Charles Vess. Did I mention that he wrote the English dub of Princess fucking Mononoke?

Yes, Mr. Gaiman's done it all and gone back to do it again. He's on Twitter. Did you know that he directed a short film starring Bill Nighy? He's so eclectically accomplished, he's like the George Plimpton of literature. He even knows how to talk to girls at parties, and wrote an educational short story on the subject! So in his honor, let's live life the Neil Gaiman way: by wearing black and telling stories.

Oh, and did I mention the "wrote the greatest graphic novel series of all time" thing?

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  1. I've been waiting for this. My brother said " you should post Neil (fucking) Gaiman." And I said no, Andreas has to do it BECAUSE HE KNOWS HIM. Yay!