Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy (Cinematic) Postmodernists: A Short Film About Happy

Oh, Polish director Krzysztof Kieślowski, aren't you a roguish fellow! You gaze down on the ethically challenged citizens of Warsaw, draw subtle analogies between their lives and the Ten Commandments, and then grin whilst a cigarette juts out of your coyly pursed mouth. Aren't you just a cheeky little auteur!

And hey, prior to your 1996 death, you were one of the greatest living filmmakers. So although your films may have tended toward depressing subject matter (like grief! Loneliness! Capital punishment!), you should still get a smoking/smiling break every now and then.

And that's a lesson everyone can use. Including a reclusive ex-judge played by Jean-Louis Trintignant. Or you, dear reader!

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  1. 'Cause that's how we do it in PO-LAND! Just in case you were wondering.