Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Die of Happiness

Saul Bellow is really, truly, and terrifyingly happy. I can only assume that this means that a lifetime of picaresque adventuring has finally allowed him to find the Precious. Why else would this mighty midwesterner leave the idyllic banks of the St. Lawrence in Lachine for the staunchly Tim-Hortons-and-poutine-free city of Chicago? It wasn't in pursuit of the Pulitzer, or even the Nobel Prize. Why would he read an Ayn Rand novel, much less have it sitting on his desk in plain sight in this photo? Yes, I'm pretty sure the only plausible explanation for a smile that large and maniacal is that Saul Bellow has finally found the Ring. Anyone who gets married 5 times is obviously looking for something of the sort.

Confidential to Saul: I promise I'll finish The Adventures of Augie March someday! Until then!

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