Thursday, August 5, 2010

Architecture and Morality

I love modernism. So much. But I'm a little bit skeptical about modernist architecture. I enjoy reading Le Corbusier, especially when he's hysterical. (Remember that time Le Corbusier flew in an airplane and freaked out? It was great.) But his buildings just remind me of "Don't Worry about the Government," and not in a good way. Wikipedia even goes so far as to criticize him without any citations, saying that "people are not machines and it was suggested that they do not want to live in machines." Sorry Le Corbusier (I'm just gonna call you 'Le' from here on out), but on issues of architecture, Wikipedia always wins. Luckily, our favorite Target-loving postmodern architect, Michael Graves, is here to save the day. And although he looks very friendly, I worry that he may have been beaten up in school. Just something about him suggests that to me. It's ok, Mike, you can laugh all the way to the postmodern bank. Then when you get there, you'll probably stop laughing, because, while the postmodern bank is beautifully designed, it's still a pretty soul-crushing place.

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