Friday, August 20, 2010

Modernist Friday: The Long Happy Life of Ernest Hemingway

That is a man. That is a happy man. Ernest Hemingway was an influential modernist. He lived, drank, and partied in Paris. He was friends with Gertrude Stein. He shot himself in Idaho in 1961. Shooting oneself comes naturally with being in Idaho.

Here he is coming out of a successful job interview. The beard was key. At least, isn't it pretty to think so? Well, "Papa" Hemingway sure is pretty to think about. Also, he rises. Kind of like yeast. Whether you're a fisherman or a big game hunter or even a gunrunner or even a bullfighter, think about Hemingway and be happy.

Oh! And speaking of bullfighters, Hemingway wrote a nonfiction novel about them called Death in the Afternoon. In it, he wrote about the first Jewish toreador, Sidney Franklin.* And Sidney Franklin's great-niece? Happy Postmodernists' very own Rebekah! Happy Friday, everyone!

Hemingway doing his "Happy Orson Welles" impersonation.

*Addendum: Per Rebekah herself, "Look at THAT fucking Hebraic Torero." Franklin was featured in a Time Magazine profile in 1952 entitled "Yanqui Matador."

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  1. 1) How can you be so good at tags?
    2) Should I be terrified or comforted by the second picture?