Monday, August 9, 2010

Your Face Tomorrow? Happy!

Javier Marías is the man, and I get the impression that he kinda knows it. So why does this fine piece of Nobel Prize bait seem to never smile? Is it because Real Madrid lost to Barça? Is it because people often think they're being insulted when someone says "I'm gonna read Your Face Tomorrow?" Is it because he's being compared to Proust again (despite the notable lack of cookies in his work)? Is it the weighty responsibility of his fake Caribbean kingdom? Is it because the Real Academia can't decide if "sólo" should be spelled with an accent? Or is it just because it's hard to look cool and mysterious with a cigarette if you smile? We'll probably never know, and we certainly won't know if any of this holds true tomorrow. The smiling we see Marías here will probably betray us to the fascists without our ever suspecting it, all while never removing those awesome tortoiseshell shades.
And he seemed like such a nice little kid...

Question of the day: Are Javier's shades ironic? Vote yes or no in the comments!

1 comment:

  1. He's sad because Real Academia lost to Real Madrid.

    Also: sunglasses are an ironic tribute to Risky Business.