Thursday, July 1, 2010

Peeling the Onion

It's hard to find a happy picture of Günter Grass. Usually he just hides out under that droopy mustache. And why not? He was kind of a Nazi. And not a good Nazi like Tom Cruise in Valkyrie. Just a regular Nazi. But these things happen, I suppose, and we're willing to let it slide if he keeps cranking out magic realist classics. And he's done some pretty good stuff about being peaceful so, ok? I guess it's ok? John Irving said it was ok? I really shouldn't have brought it up. Just keep Vergangenheitsbewältigun-ing, or, if you prefer, Geschichtsaufarbeitung-ing, until further notice.

Confidential to Günter: The beret looks great. Jaunty, even. Keep up the good work.

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