Friday, July 2, 2010

Modernist Friday: Les Mamelles (Hereuses) de Tirésias

How to follow that post about Susan Sontag? Why, with Guillaume Apollinaire, of course! Have I ever actually read him? Or course not! I like many things, but I'm not that into turn-of-the-century modernist erotica. Here he looks like kind of a creeper, but happy enough. Most of all I'd like to note that smooth, clean shave. I have it on good authority that Guillaume actually shaves with a picture of a razor fitted with a razor's edge (apologies to Hodgman), and I'm all about that porkpie hat. I mean, Guillaume looks, well, like a young don Juan who may have fathered a child with his own aunt! You can't tell me you wouldn't be happy, too! Dying from the Spanish flu after being weakened by a war wound, well, that's just the icing on this surreal cake, or the filling in this modernist-surrealist sandwich, or the strawberries on this vaguely erotic, automatically written shortcake, or....yeah!


  1. Here, Guillame looks a little bit like Oliver Hardy of Laurel and Hardy.